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Ghost Barn

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A new prototyping workshop built for and Invisible Studio, built to complement our woodland studio, using our own unseasoned Spruce timber, grown and milled on site. The building will be use for full scale making projects undertaken by the studio, and for the design/make workshops that Invisible Studio organize including the annual Studio in the Woods.


The project is the first of a series of ‘equivalent’ projects that use same-section timber. The Ghost Barn uses 5 x 2″ timber for everything, and was an exercise in constructional efficiency, taking less than 2 weeks from start to finish. The project also relates to Piers Taylor’s PhD topic exploring contingencies that emerge through incorporating making in to design. This project, again, had minimal drawings – leaving much to be determined in an ad-hoc way by the build team.


The project is clad in impact resistant fibreglass and corrugated steel, consciously reflecting the local agricultural sheds that exist locally, giving the project an ambuiguity that allows it to appear simultaneously familiar, yet extraordinary.


Design/Build Project Team:

Invisible Studio: Piers Taylor/Alan Matthews/Simon Schofield/Bernard Twist/Cuffer Matthews/Ed Strutt/Martin Osbourne

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