Cratalach Mews House

- Dublin - Ireland

There was an existing planning permission for a tradition Mews house on this site before we were appointed. We completely redesigned the house before we started on site. The challenge was to redesign the Mews house from the inside out without amending the planning application due to time constraints. This meant we could not modify the exterior proportions. The original layout allowed for the bedrooms upstairs and kitchen living /dining downstairs. We flipped this to maximise daylight to the living spaces. Inside we used a simple pallet of materials, Reclaimed Dolphins Barn Brick, concrete, Chilean Pine plywood, Concrete & plasterboard. By using subtle level changes we defined different zones within the building without the need to insert additional walls. Due to budget constraints we exposed and expressed the structure and materials, which add to the warm and tactile quality of the space. In designing this house, we took a lot of inspiration from boats. All the fitted furniture was custom made making use of every square inch of the space, sometimes in some unusual and quirky ways.

Cratlach Mews House

Place_ Cranmer Lane, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Area_102 SQm

Materials_ Concete, Reclaimed Brick, Plywood, Glass, Plaster, Mirrors

Function_ 3 Bed Mews House

Completion Date_2016


Design_DUAPhase 1 – Darragh Breathnach, Pablo Bolinches, Daria Leikine. Phase 2 Darragh Breathnach, Ciaran Molomby

Photos_ Aisling McCoy

Animations_ DUA (Darragh Breathnach) / Aisling McCoy

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