rf Ferdinand

- Aspudden - Sweden

The three row houses are situated at an altitude of Aspuddens northern part. The area is varied with villas and housing blocks carefully placed in the landscape. The project consists of three row house structures, each with five residential units. The new building volumes borrows characters from the area’s housing blocks but it has been reinterpreted and filled with new content. The gables facing the street with its large circular window differentiate and give identity to the otherwise low-key houses. The entrances are gathered on one side and patios on the opposite side to the East. This creates a contrast between open and closed, and defines private and public areas.

The facade materials refer to the materials in the area’s existing buildings but is used in new ways. Simple light gray plaster facades with a smooth polished base, wooden ceilings and large windows and doors in light pine. The choice of colors and materials are linked to the nature of the plot and the focus has been to preserve as much natural character as possible. The three houses have small variations that adapt them to different site conditions. There is an extra floor in some of the residential units in order to connect to and preserve the existing landscape.

The interior consists of compact floors of half-plane displacement that provides an open connection between the different planes and a spatial variation with ceiling height between 2.4 and 3.6 m. The entrance floor accommodates the social functions with a fireplace, baking stone, solid pine flooring, concrete and large windows and doors. The bright open staircase leads to the upper floor where the bedrooms and bathroom in the half-plane displacement is. At the top floor you reach the living room with a fireplace and exit to the recessed roof terrace. In the gables sits large round window, with a diameter of over 2 meters, with expansive views of treetops, Essingeleden and central Stockholm.

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