Petra Gipp Arkitektur AB

The cathedral

- Mjärdevi - Sweden

The cathedral, aninventor’s workshopfor audiovisualdesign, formsa building thatoperatesin the field of tension betweentwodifferent landscapes,bothas form and as idea.

The building islocatedon the boundary betweentechnologyand untouchedreedland,Mjärdevi Science Park with itslarge-scalebuildings,and the boundaryarea betweeninfrastructure and buildingswheregrazing andreedlandhas been allowedto expand.The building’slocation and designis a consequence ofthiscontext, wherethe volumewedgesitself intoexisting built environmentandopens up ontothe surrounding landscape, both in plan and section.

The building’s sculpturalform inroughtar paper, concrete and spruce plywooddefinesthe workshop,where itsessence manifests itselfin thevolume’sinterior– the Cathedral. Thesculpturalgivesclarity in relation toboththe site and the program, it creates a space ofconcentration and provides focuswithin the workshop,whilethe inner roomconnects to thelandscape and creates a place in close relationship to the expases of land.

Thematerials of the buildingallow themselves tobe transformedduring the workshop’s process of development,they are let tochangethrough the reworkingand adding of layers. Theiraging enhances the experience ofthe inner and outerroomsover time. This capacity for transformation makes the building durable and lasting.

Art andcultural events take place here, as well as exhibitions, happenings andother encountersthat allowvisitors from all over the world to take part inthe contemporaryexpressionof design and technology.


Architect: petragipparkitekturab

Location: Mjärdevi, Sweden

Photographs: ÅkeE:sonLindman&Björn Sandberg

Project year: 2012-2014

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