Full Moon

- Olot - Spain

The Sun

An outdoor room expands the domestic activity of a dark house which is built into the northern face of a volcano. The new carved room has a rectangular floor of the same size as the living room, and will be gradually covered by a grapevine. As any other room it has doors and windows. The main window opens up to a semi-circular courtyard with a pond; it is an opening to the sky, the sun and the moon; it is a courtyard’s courtyard. This layout expands the space between the house and the mountain, increasing by threefold the number of hours of sunlight in the main rooms.

The Moon

A curved arm supports a spherical lamp of 40cm which revolves over the outdoor room. Inside the semi-circular window it tenses the limit between both spaces and allows the semi-circular courtyard to become a large reflector lamp. At the halfway point, in the center of the room, it accompanies the activity around the table. Placed against the wall, the projecting semi-sphere offers a general lighting and highlights the texture of the plastered walls, typical of the houses in the neighborhood.

Collaborators: Jordi Moret, Dídac Franco, Jordi Collell, Miquel Capdevila, Dani Sánchez

Owners: Dolors Rusiñol, Quim Domene

Builders: Construccions Sala Les Preses, Tallers Casoal S.L.

Photographs: José Hevia, Roger Serrat-Calvó

Surface: 97 m²

Project: 2013 - 2014

Construction: 2014 - 2015

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