Compagnie-O architecten

House Machelen

- Machelen - Belgium

This house is built on a plot located off the street, behind a row of landhouses. An exceptional situation: there are no direct neighbours and the building is barely subject to all kind of rules. How to design a house that gets the maximum from its surroundings?

This question leads to the scenic, basic vision of a ‘plan libre’: a dwelling that fits between a floor and a ceiling, separated by a grid of columns. This results in the fact that all extra elements (walls, windows, etc…) are ‘free’, not bearing. The concept allows us to create a very open plan where spaces are flowing into each other, with fascinating views through the house as a result. This home is a mini (interior) landscape in itself. The design of the facades is a direct result of the functions that lie behind it; they are focused towards the surrounding landscape. Therefore, there is no real front or back facade – all four are differently influenced by its nearby natural elements.


photos: Tim Van De Velde

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