Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Nakagawa office annex

- Tokyo - Japan

A head office building for a long established brand handling house ware with Japanese traditional Arts and Crafts. It is located in the suburb where normally parking lot comes to along the road. Here we set the facade along the road by putting parking lot behind the building. The long and narrow strip spaces like old town house style make realized bustle and silence at the same time. And gable roofs create heterogeneous office space because of the gaps between each of them for making change in a light condition and the slope of the roof for a fire smoke extraction, whose scenery is continuous to the surroundings. It is come up with the working space special for the company of traditional Arts and Crafts fostered by town and neighbor.


Completion: 2010

Architect: Yasutaka Yoshimura Architects

Structural Engineer: Eisuke Mitsuda

M&E Engineer: Kankyo Engineering Contractor: Shimizu Corp. Photo by Yasutaka Yoshimura

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