Jorge Vidal Arquitectos

Carles Taché art gallery

- Barcelona - Spain

A clear construction

The construction tradition of buildings like this one has completely disappeared, or at least they don’t build buildings with this unity and with such clear space clearness anymore. The fact that nowadays the contemporary art is not hanged, it is installed, has given examples where the success of spaces with permanent art installations such like the Dia Bacon foundation or the Chinati foundation, discover the precise and attached relation between art and space. Perhaps like an antagonism to the constructive excess of the last century where in museums thousands of square meters have been built without any thought about it.
The first impression of the old industrial enclosure called Espai Serrahima is a continuous addition of roofs, entrances, sidewalls and untidy artifacts. The experience to work there is like to create an interior order, a new order that could put the elements in relation between them.
We could say that the general disposition of the art gallery and the mixture between the new and the existent elements are a like a delivered composition. A composition that creates a coherent family of rooms and spaces that also changes its scale, its proportions and its light quality. The existent building it is showed completely naked, while the new elements are reduced to an autonomous existence in its interior. This is the new interior order.
We have built a gallery as a space where the artist could show its work in its own personal way. It is a meeting space between the art visitor and the art creator. The main point of the project is the absence of distractive elements. This is a very important point for us, but also it is an important to know how we should introduce other reading layers, like volume, structure and materiality.

For that reason our proposal is an enclosure of 4,20 meters height where the visitor eye has a clear view, without outbursts. This limit defines the volume. We have built a visual limit that at the same time is a stage where to act. Behind, we find the wings and backstage, all those spaces such like the interior work zones, direction office, storage and some others exposition rooms that
creates a collection of small spaces. It is a clear space, with a regular geometry and a clear construction. The light is going through the ceiling. All the heating and air conditioner facilities are showed. The pavement is polished concrete and the ceiling is made of ceramics, which are the original ones. The old walls are just painted in white and the new ones are covered with plaster painted in white in order to create a calm continuity between the elements. The project commits with the quality of the existent, but at the same time wants to create additional variations to the formal structure.


Site: Montjuïc, Barcelona.

Architects: Jorge Vidal Arquitectos,

Client: Galeria Carles Taché.

Builded Area: 1125m2,

Construction year: 2016 Photographer: José Hevia. Structure Engineering: Cabezas, Moreno y Góngora

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