Office Complex

- Roncade, Treviso - Italy

The rural complex in Roncade is located between the countryside and Sile river: the renovation program for the area has foreseen the restoration of the old farmhouse and the addition of new volumes. The buildings are placed so that they can communicate with the surrounding landscape, lined up with the rural harmony of the environment. The office complex is characterized by a C shape, with a central court closed on three sides and facing the park: the glazed surfaces let the sight open to the horizon, marked by a densely  overgrown fluvial vegetation; on the contrary the outer surface is fully closed if not for certain portions of the drilled walls, punctured in a way that recalls the tradition of rural barns and allow to glimpse the surrounding vegetation.


Architect: z a a (zanonarchitettiassociati)

Patners: Setten Genesio spa - RS Ingegneria - Toso Ricci Engineering

Client: Carlo C spa

Location: Roncade, Treviso

Photographs: Marco Zanta

Project year: 2011-2016

Project area: 5.000sqm

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