Romera y Ruiz arquitectos

3×1 House

- Aldeire, Granada - Spain

3×1 House

House for three sisters, situated in the end of an estate. A quiet spot in Sierra Nevada, 1300m high, a remote place, rooted in the memory of its developers.

We intervene in a place both near and far. We construct three houses, 6.30m deep, between calle Luna, the end of the aslphalt, and the triangular garden inside, between NE and SW. The houses face to the south, to the silhouette drawn by the three peaks, more than 2300m and avoid views crossing between them and the neighboring houses. The protection of the houses reacts to the climactic differences, more than 50ºC between seasons. This solution, based in an interpretation of the local architecture, pretend to adapt these houses to he environment, like a species of plant. The main investigation transformed the big thick wall of the traditional house into a many layered wall removing the thermal bridges. These conditions were also maintained for the windows and doors, with openable double glazing, forming a total of three cavities and six sheets in a asymmetric disposition. The interior configuration packs the equipment and storage space of each house, to leave the rest of the space free for improved flexibility of use.

Houses like the landscape, whose behaviour responds logically to the exterior requirements and to the changing needs of an expanding family




Location: Aldeire, Granada, Spain

Situation: Calle Luna

Typologie: Dwelling house

Project Year: June 2012

Project Built: February 2013

Built Surface: 614,35m2

Architects: Pedro Romera García, Ángela Ruiz Martínez (Romera y Ruiz Arquitectos S.L.P.)

Collaborators: Jorge Hernández, Rocío Narboma Flores, Paula Cabrera Fry

Technical Architect: Joaquin Onieva

Building Company: Structure: “El Rirre” / Masonry and facing: “Serafín Moya” / Aluminium frames: “Aluminios Jabalcón” / Metalwork: “Encarna Illescas “La Patarra” / Plumbing and electric work: “Carmelo Beas y Torres Yeste”

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