Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects

New house in Ranzo

- Ranzo - Switzerland

The project works with references to the historical architectural culture of the place and interprets them anew.

The traditional natural grey plaster of the façade associated with the simple cube of the modern house detracts themselve from a precise temporal assignment.

This house is closely linked to the historical paths from the lake to the village.
The terrace with a mountainside courtyard wall, a long bench and natural stone paving has Mediterranean character.
The pergola place on the old barn is directly connected with a steep staircase to the house and forms a counterpoint to the new building.

Architects: Wespi de Meuron Romeo Architects

Commitment: private

Completion: 2012

Site area : 617 m2

Floor area: 127 m2

Courts: 13 m2

Outdoor spaces: 84 m2

Collaborators: Construction supervision: Roberto La Rocca Architekt, 6648 Minusio

Engineer: Anastasi SA, 6600 Locarno

Building physics: IFEC Consulenze SA, 6802 Rivera

Firms: Master builder: Clerici Vitali Dellea SA, 6573 Magadino

Carpenter: Romeo Buss GmbH, 6415 Arth

Plasterer: Paolucci SA, Via A. Pini 32, 6710 Biasca

Windows: Morotti GmbH, 6573 Magadino

Pictures: Hannes Henz, architecture photographer

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