Compagnie-O architects

Elementary School Lebbeke

- Lebbeke - Belgium

This school design starts from an intelligent structure that allows flexible infill. Its grid size adapts to site and program. The collective space is located in the centre or so-called heart of the building: a 25m column-free span of open space. This large atrium space is encircled with similar steel grids with other rhythms and densities. It is 8 by 8 meters where classrooms are located and even less wide next to the street, making it suitable to generate additional functions.

The structure starts at a 5m setback from the site edge, generating a “vestibule”: a car-free zone for waiting and arriving, for playing and observing – a parenting space, a zone where you can get a look at the school’s functioning.

architect: Compagnie-o archiects

location: Brusselsesteenweg 43, Lebbeke (BE)

surface: 3.449 m2

start of building: November 2016

date of completion: May 2017

client: AG Real Estate

study stability: Util Struktuurstudies CVBA

study techniques: Abetec NV

study PEB: Abetec NV

budget: 5.934.362,68 euros excl. VAT and fees

website architect:

all photos: Tim Van De Velde

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