Miba Architects

Aura Foundation Headquarters

- Barcelona - Spain

AURA is a non-profit organization devoted to helping improve the quality of life of people with intellectual disabilities through social and employment inclusion. At its headquarters, training and follow-up tasks and collective self-management programs of social and domestic life are carried out.

The new headquarters has been built in a ground floor space with 63 linear meters of façade with three orientations that used to be a banking office. The original facade is mainly glass. It is a very important source of natural light, but it is also a membrane that facilitates undesirable thermal losses and gains and noise pollution.

We have interpreted the conditions of the place, with a large area of ​​exchange between inside and outside, as an opportunity to develop an intervention in the key of energy rehabilitation that meets the functional needs achieving the greatest possible environmental comfort with the lowest energy consumption.

The project strategy consisted of solving all these issues with a single project decision: the construction of two new membranes that manage light, climate and acoustic conditioning and organize the program.

The project has been worked in close collaboration with Societat Orgánica and Vidal Ingenieros, in order to integrate and control by simulation the effects of passive and active measures in the reduction of energy consumption and the improvement of environmental comfort.

Date: 2017

Site: Barcelona, Spain

Type: Facility 360 m2

Aura foundation headquarters

Promotor: Aura FundationArchitects: Miba architects (Laia Isern y Toni Montes)

Cost: 248.000 euros

Collaborator: Joel Pera, Oriol Vives

Sustainability: Societat Orgánica

Engineer: Vidal enginyers consultors

Construction: Oak2000

Wood (fabrication and collaboration in the design process): NODO, Els Nois

Sponsors: Panasonic (climatization), Reiter (mobile panels), Lamp (ilumination)

Photographer: Adrià Goula

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