García-Durán & Equipo (GDE)

Casa Arimón (casa para Plàcid)

- Sabadell - España

Interior renovation of the Arimon house in Sabadell, for Plàcid Garcia-Planas.

Special emphasis was placed on the restoration of the different layers of history and the integration of contemporary comfort.

Our client wrote:

Architecture is essentially the search for light. And this is what the architect Marc García-Durán did in the renovation of our old family home.

The house was originally built by the architect, urban planner and mathematician Josep Oriol i Bernadet in 1858. It was completely renovated in a modernist style by Josep Renom i Costa in 1911 and partially renovated by Santiago Casulleras i Forteza in 1945. In 2008 Marta Domenel and Núria Bartomeu designed the handrail of the main staircase.

In an amazing dialogue with the architects who preceded him, Marc García-Durán has cut walls with his drawing pen and stripped staircase structures. Not to create new spaces or rediscover old spaces. But rather to create while rediscovering. To dilute the hands of time. To search, definitively, for the light.

The architect has not only dialogued with time. He has also talked with the space, with the factory that is next to the house, and with the family’s textile tradition, while transforming wool into glass and old boxes of thread into closets.

The exterior of the house is officially classified as cultural patrimony. I have no doubt that after Marc García-Durán’s intervention the interior will be also awarded one day.


Name: Casa Arimón (home for Plàcid)

Office: García-Durán & Equipo (GDE)



Architect: Marc García-Durán Huet (arq.)

Location: Carrer d’Arimon, 24. 08202 Sabadell, Barcelona

Status: Completed in 2014

Area: 700 m2

Photo: Adrià Goula -

Design team: Simone Branchini, Gabriela Castellanos , Roger Mermi.

Structural Calculation: Oriol Palou -

Construction: H2O constructora / Estanislao Puig

Restoration ceilings: Cristina Martí -

Brands / Products

Continuous floor: Cement design –

Lights: LLUMTECNICA (Xavier Santin) / SIMES -

Specific furnishing: Estanislau Puig

Metalworking: Juan Canadell Lleonart –

Glassware: Crisell –

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