TO Arquitectura


- Colonia Florida, CDMX - México

Architectural intervention in a pre-existing house in Colonia Florida.

The essential elements of the new composition are three: wood, vegetation and light. The wood provides warmth in three periods: external lattices, windows and interior joinery. The vegetation is implemented in all corners of the house, gardens, balconies, terraces, patios and bathrooms. The light finally filters between the lattices and the floors to enter the space with a new quality.

The main architectural contribution consisted of imagining a non-existent third level: a space of private coexistence with views of the jacaranda of the garden, a leading element of the place, which receives the accent and attention it deserves from another point of view. To achieve this, a light wooden cover is placed on three plates that slide over the pre-resistance. The structural grid generates a wide clear, free of beams and intermediate supports.

The third wood skin serves to mitigate views to the neighbors and thus allow the generation of previously non-existent spaces: terraces, balconies and interior patios with vegetation.

Vegetation plays a different role in every corner of the house. Sometimes it is high to give privacy, in other cases it is shade, in the bedrooms it gives odors. Three structural trees will give citrus fruits in season. In the access a rhythm of hanging jasmine brings roof and shadow to the cars.

The construction and experience of this work makes us realize something that we have attached to the core of our work: to grant that new feeling that makes the experience of a space totally different, close to the body and the senses of who is going to live.


Proyecto y Obra: TO

Arquitectos: Carlos Facio y José Amozurrutia

Líder de Proyecto: Mariana Brito

Colaboradores: Úrsula Rebollar, Álvaro Martínez

Ingeniería estructural: Armando Pelcastre

Celosías y Cubierta: Renzo Spada


Captación de Agua: ISLA URBANA

Maestro de Obra: Juan Manuel Escobar

Instalaciones: Aaron López Carbajal

Fotografía: Mauricio Salas

Lugar: Colonia Florida, CDMX

Fecha: Noviembre 2017

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