Exhibition design “MXCD01:Present”

- Mexico - Mexico

In Mexico City, the collective culture and consciousness has learnt to thrive and prosper within a hostile and chaotic environment. At the same time, there has always been a tendency towards reuse and repair rather than discarding, probably more as a result of necessity than an environmental conscience. The exhibition design seeks to portray these characteristics through the use of shredded plastic. The material is no longer waste but has yet to become a raw material, which highlights this critical new step in a now circular industrial process. Its color palette still speaks the story of consumption from the area it was compiled. It is at this point of its existence, a limbo prior to being homogenized, that we decide to introduce it into the ARCHIVO gallery. The entrance flows onto a platform which takes up the whole width of the space. This metaphorical pier offers a moment for contemplation, from which one can appreciate de exhibition platforms like islands in a sea of shredded plastic. The path through the archipelago then flows onto the terrace, which is contained by benches from which to enjoy the garden and pond

Team: Eugenio Rebolleda

Photography: Luis Young

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