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House in Staefa

- - Switzerland

The site is located on the hillside of Lake Zurich, adjacent to a historic village neighborhood, dominated by wooden structures and pitched roofs. The new house replaces a semi-detached building and is to become the new home for a young family.

Strict regulations in terms of roof shape and depth of building defined the design’s starting point. The footprint maximizes the use of its site, resulting in a building with a sharp angled gable. The volumetric composition consists of a prefabricated wooden structure on top of a concrete base that references the building’s original basement.

The vertical façade planking in pre-weathered fir refers to the surrounding historic houses and barns. Large windows and a generous, covered balcony frame the view to the lake and the opposite hills.

As a result to the hillside location and the entrance’s rear position, the elevated living space overlooks the garden. The slightly lowered kitchen area connects the living room with the sloped surroundings and enables access to the front terrace. The upper floor consists of the bedrooms, whereas on the top floor of the house, an open space for the whole family to enjoy is placed under the roof.

Office: Zimmer Schmidt Architekten

Project Name: House in Staefa

Address: 8712 Staefa, Switzerland

Project Type: Direct Commission / Housing

Year: 2011-2014

Team: Tilmann Schmidt, Daniela Zimmer, Anna Droege, Thomas Feider

Photos: Mark Niedermann

Programme: Single Family House

Size: 260 m²

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