Blättler Dafflon Architekten

Wohnsiedlung Riedgraben

- Zürich - Switzerland

The Wohnsiedlung Riedgraben is a large block occupying the Frohheim Cooperative’s site in Zürich, which through an articulated plan and stepped form mediates the mainly three-storey façade of the building with the surrounding small-scale neighbourhood. A further two terraced houses and a small community room complement the existing single-family houses lining the Tramstrasse to the south.

The apartments are placed on a raised ground floor allowing for a spacious, intensively planted communal outdoor space. The primary apartment typology spans the entire depth of the building, its qualities formed by a sequence of two internal balconies and a small central courtyard. The heart of each apartment is occupied by the kitchen, which is naturally lit via the courtyard. The dining rooms are to the north of the plan and can be opened out onto narrow balconies facing both north and south. All the living spaces are located on the south façade and benefit from generous loggias with views over both courtyard and garden.

In order to avoid privacy and overlooking issues, each inner corner of the articulated plan belongs to one flat. Furthermore, inner corners are chamfered to give the corner room equivalent outlook and light qualities. The maisonettes are accessed via a double height entrance room containing the kitchen, which are lit via large north facing window such as one might find in a painting studio.

The buildings are access through courtyards, allowing natural light to permeate into the entrance halls. The horizontal concrete balconies and loggias stem like branches of a tree from central vertical members, which in turn are rooted to the ground via the continuous concrete base. The concrete acts like a seam, holding and structuring the perforate filigree balustrades and corrugated facades. The overlapping of façade elements and castellated building form give a complex and woven appearance to the whole.


Wohnsiedlung Riedgrabenweg, Zürich-Schwamendingen

Planning 2013–2015, Execution 2016–2018

Building Owner: Baugenossenschaft Frohheim Zürich

Architect’ Firm: Blättler Dafflon Architekten AG

Landscape Architecture: Balliana Schubert Landschaftsarchitekten AG

Construction Management: Güntensperger Baumanagement AG

Consultant Phase Project Study: Planpartner AG

Planpartner AG

F. Preisig AG

IFG Ingenieure für Gebäudetechnik GmbH

CM Engenineering GmbH

gutknecht elektroplanung ag

Michael Wichser + Partner AG

gkp fassadentechnik ag

CoDe. Zürich GmbH

Andreas J. Zingg

Photos: © Saskja Rosset, Zürich

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